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ALON MP3 v2.10

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ALONMP3 Player for Nokia Series 60 By http://alonsoftware.com

ALON MP3 Player for Nokia Series 60 is an audio player which supports MP3, OGG, AAC/MP4, AMR and WAV – the most popular audio formats with built-in 3-Band Parametric Equalizer, M3U Playlists and hot buttons.

Main actions

  • To start/stop playback press the button “Play”/”Stop” or
    right application button>Play/Stop.
  • You may open the menu by application buttons.

    Cool Stuff
    • Build.prop Huawei Y538
      # begin build properties # autogenerated by buildinfo.sh ro.build.id=HuaweiY538 ro.build.version.sdk=22 ro.build.version.codename=REL ro.build.version.all_codenames=REL ro.build.version.release=5.1.1 ro.build.version.security_patch=2015-12-01 ro.build.version.base_os= ro.build.date=Fri Dec 18 06:39:20 CST 2015 ro.build.date.utc=1450391960 ro.build.type=user ro.build.user=huawei
    • cClock v1.17 update
      Change log: **Warning** Option “Battery and network” will drain more battery power in some model of Nokia phone Please reboot after install. As cClock can’t unload the DLL itself. Feature : Translate to Polish, Russian. Bug fix : Further reduce …
    • LivePVR
      LivePVR Symbian Software for Series 60 2nd and 3rd Edition By Softtrends LLC LivePVR is the personal voice recorder mobile application that provides real time phone call recording using Automatic or Manual capture modes

  • The volume can be changed by Joystick.
  • You may choose the way of positioning the tracks at the list: showing
    the beginning or the end.
  • An opportunity of interrupt/not interrupt playback by incoming
  • Two types of the rewind – standart and fast.
  • You may “turn over
    the pages” of your playlist or symply scroll it.
  • Pause and resume playback during/after incoming
    calls. You can keep listening to music.

  • Multilingual support: German, French, Greek, Italian, Russian,
    Hungarian, Serbian, Spanish, Polish languages.

ALON MP3 Player S60 2nd Edition