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CallMagic v2.0

Answer incoming calls to your phone automatically and/or listen to what is happening around your phone.
Call Magic will enable you to answer incoming calls from a pre-defined number at zero ring, i.e. the phone will answer the call automatically without a ring!

Every time you call your phone from the pre-defined number, the phone will answer the call without a single ring! After the call is picked up then you can hear what is happening in the surrounding of the phone.

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Magic Call is developed for all series 60 devices. The application will run on the following devices, irrespective of your service provider:

• SendoX
• Semiens SX1
• Semiens SX2
• Panasonic X700
• Panasonic X800
• Nokia 3230
• Nokia 3600
• Nokia 3620
• Nokia 3650
• Nokia 3660
• Nokia 6260
• Nokia 6600
• Nokia 6620
• Nokia 6630
• Nokia 6670
• Nokia 6680
• Nokia 6681
• Nokia 7610
• Nokia 7650
• Nokia N-Gage
• Nokia N-Gage QD