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Chords V1.1

Chords Version 1.1 Symbian Freeware By Ubahnstation
How many times have I sat in the rehearsel room trying to find the correct finger positions on my guitar’s fretboard for a chord, that my keyboarder wanted me to play in a special bridge. Normally I don’t have a chord book in my guitar case, but I never forget my mobile phone (for the pizza order, you know :-D). So why not use the phone in this case also.

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Chords for S60 is just a simple application for displaying guitar chords.Just select a note, a key and a position on the fretboard and Chords for S60 shows you where to put your fingers. Nothing else.

Chords for Symbian Series60 2nd Edition
Chords for Symbian Series60 3rd Edition