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DivX Mobile Player v0.89 For Symbian

Download DivX, XviD and MP4 video player for your Symbian. DivX Mobile Player will try to play any video on any device, but playback performance will depend on the phone’s processor speed (DivX recommends 200 Mhz or faster). The application will drop video frames as needed during playback which means it won’t achieve 30 fps for all bitrates.

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For the best playback results on most mobile phones, convert your videos to DivX at 24 or 30 fps, 320×240 resolution, 300 kbps video and 128 kbps stereo audio. A great DivX player, requires free registration. Can playback 320kbps QVGA DivX video at 15fps without dropping any frames.

DivX Mobile Player 0.89 for s60 2nd edition
DivX Mobile Player 0.89 for s60 3rd edition