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DVDPlayer 1.25

DVDPlayer 1.25 By http://www.viking.tm
Fullscreen playback of DivX/XviD AVI movies on your symbianOS phones e.g. ripped from your DVD movie.

Recommended bitrates:

  • video bitrate 80 – 200 kbps
  • audio bitrate 16- 32kbps, 16kHz, mono
  • using these settings, a 2-hour movie will be about 70Mbyte – 150Mbyte.

Ripping DVD movies
If you want to play DVD movies, the first step is to rip the DVD into an AVI file using a DVD ripper program (not included).
We recommend the use of XMPEG 5.03 or if you wish to make it easier, in one step, try Makayama’s Mobile Media Maker.

Supported movie format:

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  • AVI file
  • max. resolution: 208×176 (Series 60 phones), 320×160 (Nokia 7710), 640×200
    (Nokia 9300/9500);
  • DivX orXviD encoded video
  • 8kHz or 16kHz, MP3 encoded audio
  • interlaced, max. 15 frame per second.

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