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E3DG Mobile 3D Animation For Nokia S60

E3DG is a truly mobile 3D animation software, it will not only achieve 3D animation playback, mobile phones can also be converted into three-dimensional pictures of animation, with the beat with the change, users will be able to do three-dimensional animation arbitrary deformation processing (distance, distortions, arbitrary angle conversion ), animation can be easily turned into mobile screensavers or desktop.

1. E3DGDisplay.SIS E3DG player application for the client, which integrates the functions of converting photos can be converted to any phone photos of 3D animation
2. E3d format documents E3DG unique 3D animation files, each one e3d document is a small independent phone 3D animation, E3DGDisplay.SIS application installation, the application can E3DG Xuan phone call broadcast Cool 3D animation.

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Compatible Devices
Nokia N71 N91 N92 N934 N95 3250 5500 E60 E61 E70 N80 N83 E50 N75 N73 N76 N93i 6290 5700 6120 E61i E65 N70 N72 6680 6681 6682

E3DG Mobile 3D Animation v1.0