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GuitarTuner v 1.0

GuitarTuner version 1.0 Symbian Software by Smtmobile
The Guitar Tuner application allows the user to precisely tune his guitar, showing the exact sound frequency (with possible error of 1Hz). This way, a novice guitar player can easily save time on tuning to practice playing instead. Tuning can be performed either separately for each string or for all at once. During individual tuning the application displays the difference from the proper tone. In the second
case, the mobile device shows the tone closest to the measured one and the difference between the desired and present frequency.
Guitar Tuner can also be used for measuring the frequencies of other instruments, such as the violin or the saxophone. Similarly, one needs to indicate the required frequency and the screen will display the current one and the distance between them. An attractive GUI and being user-friendly are some of the application’s many advantages. It is highly rated among the amateur guitarists who took part in the creation and testing of the product.

– displaying the registered sound
– displaying the difference from the desired frequency
– displaying the difference from the desired pitch
– displaying the tone closest to the currently registered frequency

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Compatibility list:
– Nokia 6600, Nokia 6260, Nokia 6630, Nokia 6680;

GuitarTuner v1.0 For Nokia Symbian Series60