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Handy Phoneguard for Symbian S60 3rd and 5th Editions

Handy Phoneguard, new smartphone protection software for Symbian S60 3rd and 5th Editions. It allows to remotely lock or wipe the phone data and send SMS alerts to the phone owner. It also secures general access to the smartphone by protecting any kind of stored data (contacts, settings, messages, images, etc.)


Cool Stuff
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    Version 1.01 supports 12 hour clock, displays the date, number of unread messages and missed calls. It also supports scalable UI.
  • Lyrics For LCG Jukebox
    You can show the lyric while playing the song with LCG Jukebox Symbian Software.if you have to format the lyric (*.lrc )
  • CAMalarm v1.0
    CAMalarm is an app that use the camera of your smart-phone to catch all the movements all around the phone. You can use it to give the control of a room.
  • Secures general access to your smartphone.
  • Protects any stored information (contacts, messages, notes, settings, images, videos, etc.) from unauthorized use.
  • Provides password access to any selected applications.
  • Sends an alert SMS to alternative phone number in case of false access attempts.
  • Locks your device when SMS lock command is received.
  • Deletes your confidential information when remote SMS wipe command is activated.
  • Employs just one secured password (strong encryption) for all protection functions enabled.

Handy Phoneguard protection utility for symbian S60