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jmIrc – IRC for mobile phones

jmIrc is a java application that allows to use IRC wirelessly. It should work on any device supporting MIDP 1.0 and also supports connecting through HTTP proxy server on phones that don’t support the Java socket API.


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  • Supports multiple windows and scrolling is easy with pgup/pgdown and home/end buttons.
  • Supports Russian codepages KOI8-R and Windows-1251 natively
  • Supports UTF-8 autodetect, native encoding/decoding and fallback charset if decoding fails
  • Supports connecting through an HTTP proxy and provides a standalone easy-to-set-up proxy
  • You can add favourites for most used phrases and send them with few button presses
  • Full and working support for mIRC colours (WLIrc has also full but not always so working support)
  • All files are free software and thus GPL’d including the proxy code

jmIrc – IRC for mobile phones