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Mail for Exchange 2.9.158

With Mail for Exchange, you can access the email, calendar, contacts , and tasks of your MS Exchange account on your mobile device.


Cool Stuff
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  • Composing, Sending, Receiving and Viewing email messages
  • Synchronize Calendar events, Tasks, Contacts
  • Configurable sync window for Emails
  • Configurable sync window for Calendar
  • Support for GAL (Global Address List) lookup with Company directory
  • Company Directory available as a stand-alone sis file
  • Accept / Decline meeting requests
  • Can search email content using the Search application
  • Always on, Timed and Manual sync modes
  • Schedule Peak and Off-Peak sync windows
  • Resynchronize all data from server to phone
  • User configurable conflict resolution (server or phone wins if conflict in syncing)
  • Synchronization logs
  • Controls for sync while roaming
  • Partial initial email download
  • Retrieve remaining content of partially downloaded email
  • Message reply/forward by reference
  • Message read status replication
  • Message deletion replication
  • Full Attachment support (receiving, sending, viewing, editing, saving)
  • URL, number, email address links from viewer
  • Save messages to sent items folder
  • Support for different access points (GPRS, WLAN)
  • Synchronize over a VPN connection
  • Support for all Exchange 2003 SP2 device security policies (available only on Nokia Eseries devices)
  • Support for many Exchange 2007 mailbox policies
  • Dynamically configured Heartbeat Interval setting
  • Detailed admin logging
  • Ability to set importance flag for sent messages
  • Configurable via device management server
  • Set out of office message
  • Set and clear flags on email messages
  • With compatible devices Mail for Exchange can automatically switch between different types of access points (i.e. WLAN and GPRS) using Destinations.

Mail for Exchange 2.9.158