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Mobiola Microphone For Symbian 3rd Edition

Use your phone as high quality wireless or USB microphone for your PC!
Get control of your phone from your PC. Perfect tool for presentations and remote QA

Main Functionality

Cool Stuff
  • SymExplorer v0.1
    SymExplorer is a new FREE file explorer with extended functions for Symbian S60. With it you can manage your files and get the system information of your Mobile Phones.
  • Marco Bellino Guardian 2.1
    Guardian proceeds with authentication of the inserted sim card; if authentication fails, Guardian send a notification sms message to a previously set telephone number. In addition, the system features remote control functions, i.e. deleting your photographs/phone book/text messages/video/audio data in …
  • Nokia Multiscanner v1.1.8 for Symbian 3rd Edition
    Nokia Multiscanner is a free application card reading and document scanning on the new Nokia E71 and Nokia E66. Nokia Multiscanner converts the text from the business card into electronic data using OCR technology – recognizing name, company, address, mobile …

  • Turns mobile phone into a high quality microphone for PC

  • Connects over Bluetooth or USB
  • Audio driver is compatible with all major microphone using applications

Compatible Devices
Nokia 3250 Nokia 5500d Nokia 5700 Nokia 6110 Navigator Nokia 6120 Nokia 6290 Nokia E50 Nokia E60 Nokia E61 Nokia E61i Nokia E62 Nokia E65 Nokia E70 Nokia E90 Communicator Nokia N71 Nokia N73 Nokia N75 Nokia N76 Nokia N77 Nokia N80 Nokia N91 Nokia N93i Nokia N95

Mobiola Microphone For Symbian 3rd Edition