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Netqin Clearner v2.2 For Symbian

This tool can safely Uninstall all the components of NetQin, including NetQin1.0, NetQin1.1 NetQin2.0 NetQin2.1 and NetQin2.2. NetQin Mobile Inc., an important mobile security service provider, just announced that it has released Netqin Clearner, a free mobile application, for S60 the 3rd and 5th devices. protect the system from malicious programs and files, thanks to the Anti-Malware scan feature, and a feature that allows users to scan installation files prior to installing them.

This allows users to start up the system with only the basic system files running. In Safe Mode, users can deactivate malware from the time the device is started, allowing the user to keep the device running free from viruses.

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The Netqin Clearner for S60 the 3rd and 5th Editions is available for download

Netqin Clearner v2.2