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Netwasp FlashThemes Player for Nokia Series60 3rd Edition

FlashThemes Player can now run animated Nokia Series60 mobile themes on their phone’s screen regardless of the device or screen layout!
FlashThemes Player for Nokia Series60 supports any Nokia Series60 3rd Edition device. FlashThemes unique ‘Scale Management System’ ensures that the Nokia Series60 mobile themes you get work seamlessly on any of the current screen layouts (Portrait / Landscape / QVGA) while not disappearing off the end of the screen. Builtin to the software is a unique power consumption manager that ensures the effect on the battery is negligible. This works by only ever playing the movie when you are looking at the Idle Screen and at all other times pausing.

FlashThemes Player for Nokia Series60 comes with ten high quality Nokia Series60 animated themes with something in there for everyone; of course there are also many more FlashThemes animated themes for you to choose from right here on Netwasp.com. FlashThemes themes can be installed and run from a storage card allowing you to keep with you your favorite themes without filling up your device memory!

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