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Nokia Text to Speech v1.00

Let your phone read your messages out loud with Text-to-speech, a tool which allows you to listen to text messages, multimedia messages, and emails.

Text-to-speech is:
a convenient and hands-free way to access your messages available to users of compatible Nokia Series 60 mobile phones offered in a range of different languages and voices*.

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Text-to-speech uses the Message Reader application which is built into compatible Series 60 mobile phones. The service is available only for selected phones where the application is preinstalled.
To use Text-to-speech you will also need to download one language package and one voice package.
For example, if you want to install UK English download both the UK English language package and one UK English voice package.

Compatible Devices
Nokia Series 60 Symbian 3rd

Downloading and installing files
* Select the desired language package and download it to a compatible PC.
* Select the desired voice package and download it to a compatible PC.
* Transfer the language and voice packages to your phone using Nokia PC Suite and a compatible Nokia cable or wireless connection.
* For more information about installing applications on your phone, please see your phone’s user guide.

Downloads for Text-to-speech your language package