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PhotoArt v1.0.2 For Symbian 2nd Edition

Create masterpieces from your photos with the PhotoArt virtual painter!
Watch in real-time as your photo is re-created in a classic style!

photoart for cellphone
Features PhotoArt :

Cool Stuff
  • Jiangmin Anti-Virus Beta For Symbian Phones
    Jiangmin Anti Virus BETA Symbian Software By Jiangmin Jiangmin Anti-Virus Software for Symbian phone version is designed to provide a safe environment for the operation of mobile equipment users of information security software
  • BeatEd v1.10.00
    BeatEd is a simple drum machine application for Symbian S60 3rd mobile phones. It was originally developed in couple of nights to get a drum machine and metronome application for personal guitar playing purposes.
  • KD Player Skin : KD WINAMP
  • 6 different painting styles – Impressionist, Expressionist, Cubist, Watercolour, Pointilist and Sketch

  • Different colour options, for even more painting styles
  • Save the finished work – or send to your friends!
  • Create small, medium or large images

Compatible Devices
Nokia 6600 SendoX Siemens SX1

available in the following languages:
English, Maltese, Czech, Finnish, Spanish, Dutch, Polish, Italian, Swedish, German

PhotoArt v1.0.2


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