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PhotoBase Mobile Edition is a full-featured image, management, editing and sharing application designed specifically for mobile users.

ArcSoft Panorama Maker
Designed specifically for low profile devices, your customers can capture multiple photos and have them automatically stitched together.

Cool Stuff
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Auto Red-eye Removal
Give your customers this quick fix that instantly and automatically removes pesky red-eye.

Still Image Capture
When using a camera phone it is important to have an intuitive application that allows users to capture stunning pictures. The Still Image Capture component offers several quality enhancement options for your images on the
device. Components include:

  • White Balance (hardware solution)
  • Brightness and Contrast
  • Digital Zoom
  • JPEG Encoding

Edit And Enhancement
A variety of editing and enhancement functions are provided, such as red-eye removal, crop and rotate. Users can edit their photos before they store or share them.

Media Management Sharing
With PhotoBase Deluxe, your customers can manage their photos when they are on the go. This application provides a complete solution, allowing your customers to sort, album, display, and label their images. Instantly create a slide show with cool transition effects and sound. Users can share their images through BlueTooth, MMS, infrared and email.

Fun Features
PhotoBase Deluxe provides a variety of fun features and content. The Panorama Maker™ feature provides instant photo stitching capabilities to your mobile device. Add clip art, fun frames, and text to any image. Download more content for special holidays and occasions.