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Syntrax v1.09

Syntrax Symbian Software by Klaar Mobile
Syntrax is the modern musician wants when away from the studio! A sequencer, sound synthesis and sample editor all wrapped up in a nice little package!.Never again will you be bored in the train, never again will you whistle that tune and be not able to write it down. Mobile composing is here


Cool Stuff
  • DeskCountdown v1.10
    DeskCountdown for S60v3 is a freeware application that can set a date for an oncoming event, calc how many days to left and it can show on the desktop.
  • Nokia Text to Speech v1.00
    Let your phone read your messages out loud with Text-to-speech, a tool which allows you to listen to text messages, multimedia messages, and emails.
  • Easy Reject for Nokia S60 3rd edition
    Easy Reject is an easy call manager which rejects calls with a busy tone and silently filters SMS.
  • Upto 8 stereo audio channels simultaneously (previously only 6)
  • Playback of samples with bi-directional looping support
  • Realtime sound synthesis with 15 sound generation effects
  • Realtime effects like filters, morphs and echoes
  • A built in small sample editor
  • A full featured sequencer
  • Dynamic playback options (songspeed, groove, muting etc..)
  • Realtime instrument parameter changing
  • Tons of preset songs and sounds for you to start working with
  • User adjustable sound quality for slower devices
  • Great graphical user interface (knobs and dials)
  • Fast mixing core. Optimized for small devices and limited resources.
  • MIDI and Wav export functions (in the free PC version)
  • Memory footprin

Compatibility list are the Symbian Series 60 devices. These include: Nokia Ngage/NGage-QD/6260/6600/6620/6630/7650/7610 and the Siemens SX1.

Syntrax v1.09 For Symbian S60