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TY1ScrSaver 1.01

TY1ScrSaver Symbian Software By the3sky

The Screen Saver draw pictures on the screen symbian phones series60 3rd.
The pictures are in the file “TY1.mbm”. The directory of “TY1.mbm” is “c:dataTY1ScrSaver”.

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You can DIY by changing “TY1.mbm”.
for example open the TY1-21.zip included in the rar then copy the “TY1.mbm” to “c:dataTY1ScrSaver” and replay the current TY1.mbm and you now have a much bigger display…

Its better than Large Time ScreenSaver 1.02 S60v3, more colorful and we do not need to switch off the default “…turning off unneeded parts of the display?” like we have to on some devices like the nokia n80 & n80ie, which should save battery power over using the Large Time ScreenSaver 1.02.S60v3

Compatible Phones
This theory supports all S60 3rd mobile phone application “br melodies such as : 3250/5500/N71/N73/N80/N91/N92/N93/E50/E6 0/E61/E62/E70

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TY1ScrSaver 1.01 for s60 3rd