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vTap for Symbian 3rd Edition

vTap is a quick and easy web video service that lets you search, browse and pinpoint the exact web video you’re looking for—from sources all over the Internet—and play it on the Mobile Phone.

Whats supported?
– Search and browse videos – 200 Millions videos from 1000s of sites and counting
– Play videos in any network, WiFi, 3G Proxy network.
– Fast search – get video results as you type.
– Try the number mode search in a T9 phone. For Eg : just type ‘6236’ to get Madonna.
– Choose the ‘video quality’ based on your network bandwidth to watch videos without any breaks.
– ‘Audio Only’ to just listen to your favorite Music.
– Play List – play your favorite videos
– Sign-up and create your own personalized feed
– Wikipedia + Wiktionary Search (English only – other languages support coming soon)

Cool Stuff
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What Phone Models?
This should work in all Symbian 3rd Edition phones.
Tested on N95, N81, N82, E51, E71, N80, N73, N93.

vTap for Symbian 3rd Edition