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Windows Live Messenger v.5.0 For Symbian 3rd

The latest version of MSN Mobile Messenger with free push Hotmail support, the local search, and the live search have been released.

In this latest version the messenger interface have been enhanced even more, you can do conference chat on the go and even chat in five different friends in five different windows at a time from your mobile phone or PDA.

With the latest Push version of this MSN Mobile Hotmail, you can be sure that you will never miss another mail due to access problems. It even has the auto complete feature enabled so that when you want to mail someone and you forget their email address, you can still email them by just typing what you remember about that person, let it be their email name or address. The coolest part of it is that you don’t even have to scroll to find the mail.

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MSN mobile lets you view stock quotes, weather conditions, latest happening news from all around the globe and also lets you browse the latest in Entertainment as in movies, celebrity gossips etc. You can seek up phone numbers of anyone you know, or get the latest tips on Tax and other financial stuff all on the go. You also have the integrated Live search and if you have signed up with the SMS text features of MSN then you can also access and use that.

Windows Live Messenger v.5.0 For Symbian 3rd