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UnMakeSIS 1.21

With UnMakeSIS you can easily see which files are packed into the .sis file. Since it also recreates the .pkg file you will even be able to know what does happen when the file is installed on the mobile phone.

New extra features have also been added!
– Displays the Name of the App in the sis file according to the choosen Language
– Displays Languages, check & or uncheck Languages to extract/not extract them
– Displays Flags & Type of sis files
– Displays ALL Files embedded in the sis, also every Language file in the sis is displayed
– Display options (row size in listviews) are saved
– Extracts ALL Files or just the one (simply right-click on the file)
– Extracting can be done with the path names from the sis or all files can be extracted to one directory
– Extracts only the language files the user has choosen in the Language view (A checked language will be extracted)
– Extracts also null files (FN, size of 0) will normally be created when the app is run
– Filenames of language files do have the language code at the last 2 letters
– Recreate the pkg file which can then be used to generate a sis with makesis.exe (BETA right now)
– More Options have been added to suit the users needs
– UnMakeSIS was written with speed & small file size in mind