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VoiceMode 2.0 US English Edition

VoiceMode 2.0 by VoiceSignal is the world’s most advanced speech solution for mobile devices, enabling you to use your voice to dictate text into messages, notes, and other applications that accept text input. VoiceMode 2.0 offers a fast, convenient alternative to keying in text one character at a time.

VoiceMode 2.0 is designed for native speakers of US English, and has an extensive vocabulary of tens of thousands of English words, including many slang words used in text messages. If VoiceMode 2.0 doesn’t know a word, you can easily add that word to its dictionary. Want to add terms that are unique to your field or your personal interests? Want to add names of people or places? No problem! Enter the new words and VoiceMode 2.0 automatically customizes the recognition dictionary to recognize those words in the future.

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Compatible Phones
Nokia N95 Nokia N73 Nokia E62 Nokia E61 Nokia 5500 Nokia 3250

VoiceMode 2.0 US English Edition for symbian 3rd