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Watchee v0.9.3

Watchee is a Free Live Tracking software for PDA & mobile phones . You can transmit position, photos and messages (SMS, mails) of any length in real time. Your buddies can watch your tours (tracks and photos) in real time and free of charge over the Watchee web portal and even chat with you. You can see the distance and movement details of your buddy on your phone. Further features are for example to view the history tracks on the web portal and to grant fine grained access permissions to buddies.


  • Real time tracking with GPS, A-GPS or CellId
  • Real time sending photos which are bound to current location
  • Cheap chatting between Phone / PDA / Web
  • Fine grained permission and buddies
  • Showing real time buddy position and distance to myself
  • Cheapest real time bi-directional communication
  • Integration of cheap mass production black boxes up to industrial strength black boxes

Watchee runs on your mobile phone with the widely supported J2ME technology. To be more precise it must support CLDC 1.1, MIDP 2.0 and the bluetooth API to access external GPS receivers or the location API to access internal GPS sensors.
Examples are Nokia phones like 6230i, 6110, N93, N95 and many more or Sony Ericsson like k320i, k750i and many more or Motorola L6 or better and many other devices.

Watchee v0.9.3 – Live-Tracking software