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Wavelog 2 – Mobile Blogger Application

Wavelog is a blogging client application for S60 mobile phones.It allows posting of the content as text, images, audio and video to Blogger, WordPress, Drupal, and Joomla powered blogs. In addition, it uploads videos to YouTube and images to Picasa, and embed them into your posts.

Wavelog 2 - Mobile Blogger Application 1Wavelog 2 - Mobile Blogger Application 2


  • Post text, image, audio or video to a Web log (blog) directly from the mobile phone using any type of available network (mobile phone or Wi-Fi network).
  • Save draft for later posting, in the case there is no available network, or to allow selection of a network with larger up-link bandwidth (faster posting) or lower cost (for example a free Wi-Fi HotSpot compared to a mobile phone network). For data transfer cost details please refer to the network operator.
  • Add hyperlinks, tags (labels), and external tags to your posts.
  • Select blog category when posting.
  • Edit previously published posts.
  • Configure multiple blog profiles for simple publishing to several blogs.

Wavelog 2 – Mobile Blogger Application