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WebGate Easy Busy For Symbian S60 3rd/5th edition

Easy Busy is an easy-to-set-up Symbian application for blocking incoming calls from people you would not like to be disturbed by.
When somebody from your “black list” calls you, the application answers the call with a busy tone leaving the caller with the impression that you are constantly talking on the phone.

The application indicator on the status bar will not change its colour to inform you that someone from this “black list” has tried to reach you in order not to disturb your everyday life. However, you can anytime open the application and check the number of calls rejected for this particular contact.


  • Calls rejected by an instant busy tone (not interrupting your privacy)
  • Ultra-fast caller recognition (caller thinks the line is busy)
  • Blocking of selected contacts from your phonebook (full phonebook integration)
  • Blocking of manually added to Easy Busy contacts (for persistent callers out of your phonebook)
  • Log with all rejected calls (so that you can later check who has tried to reach you)
  • Discrete indicator on the phone stand-by screen that Easy Busy is running in the background
  • Easy set-up and simple to use
  • Easy adding and removing of blacklisted contacts (to quickly switch when situation changes)
  • Auto-start on system startup (to never miss loading your Easy Busy phone guard)

Compatible Devices

S60 3rd edition (Nokia 3250, 5320, N73, N95 etc…) and S60 5th edition (Nokia 5800 XpressMusic Nokia N97)

WebGate Easy Busy For S60 3rd/5th edition