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Whizzper – FREE MultiMedia Mobile Instant Messenger Java (Jar/JAD)

Whizzper is a Java Application that allows mobile phone users to message buddies that are connected on their mobile phone or connected on their internet based IM account, such as MSN, AIM, Yahoo and Google Talk Messenger . Whizzper offers the mobile phone user a much much cheaper solution for messaging their buddies by using an standard mobile data connection and connecting over either TCP or HTTP depending on the given mobile phone’s capabilities. Cool wallpapers and other multimedia features will be available to registered users through information received in the Inbox.


  • Whizzper works on ANY mobile
  • Chat with MSN, AIM, Yahoo and Google Talk Buddies ANYWHERE!
  • Invite Friends from Within Whizzper
  • Whizzper’s Cheaper Faster & Better

System requirements
Java MIDP 1.0/2.0 (Mobile Information Device Profile)

Whizzper v1.5.06



  1. Get Whizzper 1.5.09 at http://wap.whizzper.com with:

    -Faster messaging

    -Personalisable background avatars which are transmitted to your buddies’ mobile phones and PCs.

    Inbox messages with notices on MultiMedia Functionality and Surprises!!

    Special thanks to java-phones.com for so many referrals!!!!
    Remind me please about how to upload the new jar and screenshot.

    Best regards

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