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WiiConnect And WiiRider For Symbian 3rd

WiiConnect is a Bluetooth-driver for S60 phones, which enables you to play games with the Nintendo Wiimote . It allows using the exciting features of the Wiimote, including the 3D accelerometer and rumble functionality. WiiConnect enables you to play party games directly on / through your mobile phone. To use WiiConnect, activate Bluetooth on your mobile phone and start WiiConnect driver. This will connect you to the Wiimote.

WiiRider is a motorcycle game for your mobile phone. Using the Wiimote, the game guarantees to be a lot of fun. The controls simulate driving with a motorcycle on a country road. You have to hold the Wiimote like the handlebar of a motorcycle. To accelerate, you symbolically open the throttle by turning the controller. Moving left or right is equally controlled by your motion – you do not have to press any buttons to play the game.

WiiConnect And WiiRider For Symbian 3rd