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XPERIA S Launcher For Android Phones

Have you seen the new Sony Xperia S? Ever wanted to have the look of their new UI on your standard android device? Well here is your chance with the Xperia S Launcher.

1. Remove / uninstall all apps that use the shared user com.sonyericsson.home (older/different versions of: XPERIA Home and various XPERIA widgets).
2. If you have not already installed revision 3 or earlier of this package proceed to step 7, else proceed to step 3.
3. Download the XPERIA S update.zip uninstaller package in order to remove your old installation.
4. Reboot into ClockWorkMod recovery and make a backup (optional).
5. Flash the uninstaller package.
6. Reboot.
7. If you want to install an updated version of a certain APK, first uninstall the old version from Settings->Apps.
8. Download the Home.apk suitable for your screen resolution and install as normal APK.
9. Download the widget APK(s) you want to install and install as normal APK(s).

XPERIA S Launcher For Android Phones