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Xposed Modules : Wanam Kit For Lollipop

Xposed Framework is so popular because it makes customizing your device incredibly easy. If you can think of something you’d like to change about your phone, chances are there’s a module for that. Some modules even come with a combination of awesome features bundled into one. A popular combination pack of modules is known as Wanam. The Wanam Kit is for AOSP like ROMs and gives you many different tweaks in one convenient package.

Features list:
Enable Numeric battery
Clock position (Right, Center, Left, Hide)
Change Color and Typeface of the Battery text
Disable Scrolling cache
Skip Music with Volume buttons
Disable screen turn ON while plunging or unplugging AC/USB cable
Disable loud volume sound warning
And much more to come
Advanced Power menu: (Thanks to CM @C3C076/ @kennethso168)
—— Reboot
—— Recovery
—— HotBoot
—— Download
—— Screen capture
—— Screen recording (Busybox required)
—— Quick Dial number (+ Display number)
—— On/Off Data
Enable Data Roaming on home network only (Thanks to @oma)
Torch (Flashlight) Through Volume UP button
Long back kill App
CM Circle Battery
Expand all notifications
Add and option to kill all app activities (requires granting Root access to System user)
Enable Heads up notifications (Optional ongoing notifications and display delay customization)
Disable Swipe gestures (keep double tap) for the devices that support it.
Hide/Set Color of Battery Text

XDA Recognized Developer wanam updated the Wanam Kit module. So, TK shows off the module and gives his thoughts. Check it out!