youjat – Chat with your friends on your Symbian mobile phone

Youjat enhances the messaging features of your mobile phone. Finally, you can send free messages to your friends, your clique or, if you use Twitter, to the whole world. You don’t need to sign up and your friends don’t need youjat on their phones to receive messages.


  • Real-time group messaging
    Talk with up to 10 friends at the same time.
  • Notice board (“offline messaging”)
    Leave messages for friends who are not online at the moment.
  • Full comfort
    Choose your favourite colour, use T9 and define topics for your jats.
  • One jat for every topic
    Organise your conversations with friends in up to 10 jats. Only permitted users are allowed to enter a specific jat.
  • Invite/kick out
    Found new friends or got trouble with others? Add friends to jats and kick others out.
  • Twitter
    Follow your friends on Twitter and post messages (“tweets”) from your mobile phone.

youjat 1.1