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Actimagine Mobiclip Pro v3.16

A Mobiclip video decoder is required to playback videos which are encoded in Mobiclip format. Each device platform or operating system usually requires its own associated decoder.

The Mobiclip decoder is a very small piece of software, about 50KB to 100KB in size, depending on the version. It could exist in standalone mode, or it may also be integrated into standard media players, like RealPlayer, or Windows Media Player.

The Mobiclip decoder has been optimised for ARM, x86, Analog Blackfin processors. It is designed with portability in mind, and can be easily adapted to run on other common embedded platforms.

Compatible Devices

For Symbian 60 Edition 2 phones, such as Nokia 3230, 6600, 7610, 6260, 6620, 6630, 6670, 6680, 6681, N70, N90, Panasonic X700, X800.

Jetski (1.6 mb)
Motocross (2.6 mb)

Jetski (289 kb)
Motocross (463 kb)


  • After downloading the files, transfer them onto your mobile phone via Bluetooth, Infrared, data-cable, or the memory card.
  • For video clips, after the installation, an application icon will appear in the standard installation directory.
  • For video ringtones, after installation, a new entry will appear in the standard ringtone selection list. Simply set the new video ringtone as the default ringtone in the usual way, for your phone.