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emTube For Symbian 3rd 1.0.6

Emtube Version 1.0.6 (update) has been released. and this version now compatible with rotateMe 2.0….

New: Added French, Turkish, German, Lithuanian, Hungarian and Danish translations.
New: Added two new keys in player view: 3 – rewinds video and 4 – mutes audio.
New: Added “User defined” option to the max search results, it allows to enter any value from 1 to 999.
New: Added “User video” and “Related videos” options to the play view. It is now possible to display list of related/user videos without going back to the search results list.
New: Seek bar on full screen now shows how much of the video has been downloaded (using red color).
New: emTube now remembers position on the search results list when user finishes watching video and goes back to this list.
New: Added muted audio icon. In both normal and full screen mode.
Fixed: Several bugfixes that improve application stability.
Fixed: Access point selection dialog now shows BT access points, so it should be possible to use emTube if user connects to the internet via GnuBox.
Fixed: Audio volume handling, was set to 0 even if there was one bar visible.
Fixed: OSD pause indicator was sometimes visible during playback.
Fixed: Video titles are not correctly scrolled using marquee effect on search results list.
Fixed: emTube is now compatible with rotateMe 2.0

emTube For Symbian 3rd 1.0.6