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How To Use Chroma Key In Capcut

Capcut is a video editing app that is commonly used to edit short videos. Tiktok users usually use capcut to edit their videos. In Capcut there are lots of cool editing features, from standard editing features, filter features, anime features and much more. One of the cool features in capcut is the chroma key feature. Chroma key is a technique of combining two videos or images, where a certain color from one video is removed so that the other video behind it can be seen. This technique is also known as green screen.

Usually this chroma key technique is used in making films, news and much more. Not all video editing apps on Android support this feature, so for those of you who want to edit the green screen and delete and replace the background with another background, you can use the Capcut app.

How To Use Chroma Key In Capcut

For those of you who intend to follow how to use chroma key in capcut then you can see the tutorial as follows.

1. Open capcut, then tap New Project.

How To Use Chroma Key In Capcut 1

2. Select the video / photo that will be used as the background of the video / photo that will remove the background.

3. Select the overlay menu.

How To Use Chroma Key In Capcut 2

4. Tap Add overlay.

How To Use Chroma Key In Capcut 3

5. Then select the video you want to remove the background.

6. Select Chroma Key at the bottom.

How To Use Chroma Key In Capcut 4

7. Drag the dot on the color picker to green or the background color you want to remove.

How To Use Chroma Key In Capcut 5

8. In the reset section, please adjust the intensity until the background is not visible, you can also adjust the shadow so that it looks more attractive.

How To Use Chroma Key In Capcut 6

9. Tap the tick if you have.

10. Done, now you can use the chroma key feature in capcut.

So that’s how to use the chroma key in Capcut, hopefully it’s useful and good luck.

For other interesting information you can also see how to use templates in capcut which has been discussed in the previous tutorial which may be very useful for you. But if you have another easier way then you can write it in the comments column below.