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MobiMedic – First Aid Advice On Your Java Mobile Phones

MobiMedic is an interactive mobile phone utility that can be used as a First Aid guide. Ideal to know whether to do in case of traumas, wounds and so much other.
Mobimedic will guide you through all procedures and diagnosis by explaining in simple steps with detailed images to give further understanding. All input into the utility is simple, by using only the two softkeys and joystick and all of the questions asked are simple yes/no questions. At all points during any procedure a ‘back’ command can be used to revisit previous steps.

21 topics are covered in MobiMedic:
Emergencies – action to take when faced with an emergency situation
Heart Attacks – advice and procedures for helping heart attack victims
Burns – what to do and what not to do when dealing with all burns
Bleeding – the procedure for confronting severe bleeding
Asthma Attacks – advice and procedures for helping asthma attack victims
Unconsciousness – what to do when faced with an unconscious casualty
The Recovery Position – how to place a casualty in the recovery position
Animal Bites – dealing with animal bites and wounds
Choking – action to take when a casualty is choking
Bee/Wasp Stings – tips for responding to bee or wasp stings
Sunburn – how to ease suffering of sunburn
Head Injuries – action and procedure for dealing with dangerous head injuries
Eye Injuries – what to do in the event of an eye wound
Shock – advice for treating casualties suffering from shock
Resuscitation – the procedure for breathing for casualties to resuscitate
Convulsions – how to react when a casualty is suffering from a convulsion
Broken Bones – dealing with broken bones
Poisons – covers swallowed poisons and poisons on the skin
Assessing Casualties – the procedure for assessing and dealing with a casualty
Allergies – how to help ease a casualties allergic reaction
Back Injuries – dealing with potentially dangerous back/spinal and neck injuries

MobiMedic – First Aid Advice On Your Mobile Phone



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