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SPB Shell 3D for Android Phones

SPB Shell 3D for Android Phones 1
Beautiful and spectacular three-dimensional desktop interface with 3D widgets, Smart Folder and other snacks.The full 3D Shell brings multiple personalized Home screens with perfect 3D usability balance to your phone. Enjoy your phone with SPB Shell 3D!


  • 3D Home screen/launcher
  • The new Shell adds a third dimension to your phone interface. The intuitive UI designed not only to achieve the
    WOW effect but also to improve interaction usability in every way.

  • Smart folders
  • SPB Shell 3D provide with means of organizing your apps and tools in folders right on the Home screens. This
    approach allows you to keep the most frequently used applications accessible and structure your content at the
    same time.

  • 3D widgets
  • SPB Shell 3D offers 3D widgets that have additional features such as 3D mode, on-fly-skin change, and magic
    animations in the carousel mode. SPB Widgets can be in 2D or 3D modes.

  • Collection of panels
  • SPB Shell 3D provides panels with rich functionality directly at your Home screen such as Animated Weather,
    picture of the Day based on Flickr, Time with 60+ skins, and Calendar.

SPB Shell 3D for Android Phones