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Student Calculator Application For Java Mobile Phones

The Student calculator is ideal for use in the school, home, office or engineering and scientific research centers, anywhere a scientific calculator, great for that homework help.


  • There is a possibility to assign 2 user variables and to use them in the calculations.
  • Tuning format of angular arguments (degrees/radians) through Settings menu.
  • The possibility to calculate in HEX, OCT, BIN systems! Some additional functions is available in these modes, such as div, or, and, mod, xor, not, >>, <<
  • Tuning format of output answer (FIX, SCI, ENG) and quantity of digits.
  • There is possibility of reassignment keys DIAL, FIRE, NODIAL (only for some telephones) through Settings menu.
  • There is possibility to copy answer (ANS to text) into the buffer on telephones, supporting copying text.

  • There is possibility to convert answer to simple fraction (ANS to a/b). Algorithm is approximate. If it fail to find accurate fraction, the symbol “E” appears before result.

  • The history of entries and all settings saves on exit.
  • Possibility of entering basic physics constants from Constants menu.

Student Calculator version 1.5.0

Calculator was tested on:
Motorola E398, V620, C380, C650
SonyEricsson K700, T630, T610
Siemens C65 CX65 (Siemens version) , SX1
Nokia 6610i, N-Gage
Samsung E800
Theoretically it must work on all telephones supporting JAVA.