ShMessenger Mobile

  • ShMessenger Platinum is the last version of the application, supported only by the newer phones (MIDP 2.0, color display – minimum 65,000 colors). There are two builds available for “Platinum” version: simple keyboard (for phones with numpad) and full keyboard (for QWERTY, QWERTZ and similar keyboards).

  • Gold version has simpler graphics, but it is almost as ergonomic as “Platinum” version. It is recommended for phones which have smaller color depth displays.
  • Mobile (MIDP-2.0) version uses the native controls of the phone, thus the memory usage is lower. It is recommended for the phones which have less processing power and/or RAM.
  • Mobile (MIDP-1.0) version is deticated to MIDP-1.0 phones.

shmessenger Version 1.9.14 Platinum
shmessenger Version 1.9.14 Platinum (full keyboard)
shmessenger Version 1.2 – MIDP-2.0
shmessenger Version 1.2 – MIDP-1.0


  1. Hello:

    i regestered my shmessenger but it didn’t work out .

    How i can regestered it a gain?

    plz help me

    Tnx a lot

  2. plz help me , i can not connect to iternet with shmessenger, i dont have user name and password, what shuld i do? help

  3. i can sign in SH , but i can’t find buddy list after sign sh messenger didn’t work.
    but last mounth i can used it.
    please help me ..

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