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Buddyway – GPS cell phone tracking system For Symbian

Buddyway.com is a free cell phone tracking application for symbian 3rd edition device.You can use Buddyway to save your trips and show them to your friends.
If you are fond of travelling you can now create an extraordinary travel diary, supplemented with your own notes and photos, with the help of Buddyway application.

All you need is a mobile phone with built in GPS (or with Bluetooth GPS) – you just turn it on for the time of your trip and all relevant information will be automatically sent to the service and viewed on a map.

Using Buddyway you can send your friends current information about the ongoing trip (your location will be automatically updated on the map), and after coming back home feel once again the unforgettable atmosphere and experience the most marvelous adventures with the help of the trip replayer.

For every single trip you can create an individual Website containing:

  • trip description
  • basis information about the trip (length of the route, hours of beginning and ending the trip, travel time, average and maximum speed on the route)
  • speed and height charts
  • trip replayer
  • free space for your friends’ comments
  • notes and pictures taken during the trip
  • 3D view of the route

Buddyway is an excellent way to collect all curiosities and make a record of every single trip. All information as well as the notes taken during the individual stages of the trip in the visited places are recorded on the map.

Most important functionalities of Buddyway:

  • recording of the route on the map
  • adding notes as well as pictures taken in places marked on the map
  • possibility of following your current location and showing it to others your on the map
  • sharing information and impressions with your friends
  • recording the trip as a Google Earth file
  • application created for mobile phones with JAVA, Symbian, Windows Mobile and BlackBerry

Visit Buddyway.com sign up for a free account.
Or visit http://www.buddyway.com/ota/symbian/ via your phone browser to install Buddyway directly to your phone