Tuesday , 20 February 2018


Bluetooth Messenger 1.2.9

Bluetooth Messenger v 1.2.9 for Java Mobile Phone Bluetooth Messenger will allow users to transfer text messages via bluetooth connections in short distances.

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Mobiflirt v2.00

Ian Ratcliffe Mobiflirt v2.00 S60 Symbian Application MobiFlirt allows users to swap profiles and photos, chat, send winks, find your perfect match with other users and even bluejack other devices using Bluetooth.

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JAM SE Mobile Music Manager By http://mitglied.lycos.de/jamsoftware Free mobile application for a range of Sony Ericsson phones that allows you to control your music collection from your phone, using Bluetooth.

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AutoMsg v 1 Java Freeware With this software you can send your message automatic at setting time.

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Safesecret Java Application By Yohanes Nugroho Safesecret is a free password manager for J2ME/MIDP devices (cellphones). This program will help you store all of your passwords on your J2ME/MIDP capables phone using one master password.

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Corpris LyricTracker v1.2

LyricTracker v1.2 Java Application By Corpris find your favorite song lyrics with Access over 1.000.000 song lyrics from your mobile phone!

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