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CellTrack for Series 60

CellTrack is application to collect some phone information about the cell you are connected to – like the net monitor. For more information about GSM net search the web.

Main window

CellTrack for Series 60 1

  • Cellid
    the id from the actual cell

  • LAC
    the Location Area Code from your cell

  • Net
    the net you are moving in – e.g. 262 for Germany and 02 for Vodafone. If a W-CDMA/UMTS cell is present is shown here. The number has still 4 digits.

  • Name
    the name of the cell. This is shown by an algorithm when you select ‘Cell Name from Id’ in the settings. Or from the cell broadcast when you have turned ‘Cell Name from CBS’ on and have defined a service number. Otherwise one a ‘-’ is shown. If both is turn on the CBS overwrites the generated name.

    CellTrack for Series 60 2

  • Signal
    shows the quality of the receive signal. The percentage value is taken from the Nokia phone API. The dBm values is covered with an at command (CellTrack62) or the newer API (CellTrack70).

  • Battery
    should show the capacity of your battery

  • Description
    shows the information from the database.

  • Diagram
    shows the dBm values as green and the percentage as black line. The red lines a cell changes

Compatible Devices
Nokia 3650 Nokia 3660 Nokia 6600 Nokia 7650 Nokia N-Gage Nokia N70 Nokia 6682
and symbian 3rd edition

CellTrack for Series 60