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Get – KD Player v0.86

The KD Player is based on JSR: JSR-75 (FileConnection API) and JSR-135. If you are familiar with these concepts, then you will not be Labour launches determine whether KD Player on your device.

If you do not find in your phone list, but annex running, you can write about it for kdplayer@yandex.ru entering the subject “New phone.”

KD Player v0.86


  1. this is not version 0.8.6 ..it is version 0.5.6 …please fix it

  2. its a very nice and useful software

  3. ilook for better video player for nokia 6275

  4. how i will download this KD Player v0.86 software
    plz help me?????? n send me this in my mail id
    plz plz plz

  5. голова

    Слабо моё имя расшифровать fc5bd404c02b9fcfeb57d0854374727a ?

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