Mobivox Get Free Mobile Calls

MOBIVOX is an application that works “in the network cloud”.No special software must be installed on your mobile or even on your PC. In fact, any phone can be used.

From any mobile you get :
•Free and unlimited Skype™ calls
•Free calls between MOBIVOX users
•Cheap international calls the easy way,
•Works with ANY phone
•Online status of contacts


  1. when it said add rom i added a rom from in the gameboy colour catorgy and it said it couldnt convert it? why? need help. thx

  2. I want to instal an antivirus on my nokia 3110 classic. Pls tell me what kind of antivirus will work on my phone.

  3. How download from your site? Where is that button? Help. Thanks for good applications. Alex.

  4. Pls help,i downloaded voip burster 0.0.1,using mtn nigeria,bt its not workin,pls help me wit d settings…tanx.

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