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EasyCalcBasic v1.6 Java (Jar/JAD)

EasyCalcBasic is a small and simple calculator for your mobile phone.
EasyCalcBasic v1.6 Java (Jar/JAD) 1

Comes with hyper-intelligence:
You can write *,x,/,div,divide,subtract,plus,minus,times,takeaway, or pls,tms,add…you will still get the same result.

Asc Dec Hex Chr Currencies Cm Inches and Centigrade to Fahrenheit etc

Conversion Vocabulary:
13 currency 3 letter abbreviations plus Asc, Dec, Hex, Chr, foot, furlong, fathom, caliber, mile,gram or g, grain or gr, milligram or mg, ounce or oz, pound or lb, st or stone,kilogram or kg, ton metric or tn,mm,cm, m, km, yard, point, pica, nm, hand, inch, foot, furlong, fathom, caliber, teaspoonful or tsp, tablespoonful or tbsp, milliliter or ml, quart fluid, quart dry, pint dry, pint, peck UK, peck US,ounce fluid, litre, cup, mile, seconds, minutes, hours, days, weeks, months, years, hourly, daily weekly, biweekly, triweekly, monthly and yearly

Enter up to 10 numbers with labels .
Uses ‘paper and pen notation’ – equations are formed top to bottom.
Supports 13 editable currencies, plus one General One.
Convert Characters to ascii, Centigrade and between 13 currencies.
Features an Integer Lock – Allows you to only enter numbers and then to switch back to entering text and numbers.

Automatically Update Forex Rates from the Internet.
Features Presets – Allows for form-style calculations with multiple values.

Preset 1 – Fuel Consumption Imperial/Metric Calculator.
Calculates: The distance travelled based upon Odometer readings. Gallons/litres per mile/km. Dollars per Gallon/litre per mile/km.

Preset 2 – BMI Imperial/Metric Calculator.

Preset 3 – Dice – D100,D20,D12,D10,D8,D6,D4,Coin toss,D? and D?.

Preset 4 – Quit Smoking – Calculates the cost per packet per week and per year, the number of days since you quit, and the total money saved over all days, and months.

Preset 5 – Power Account – Calculates the total units used based on meter readings, the number days in the billing period and the total amount owing including maintenance charges.

Preset 6: Trigonometry Calculates: Sin, Cosine, Tan, aTan, aCosine, aSine, and Pi * (r ^ 2) in Degrees or Radians. Enter one value and press equals to calculate all values.

EasyCalcBasic v1.6