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How to Play Youtube Videos Without Ads

When you watch a video on YouTube, of course there will be ads that appear, whether it’s at the beginning of the video, in the middle or at the end of the video, of course it will disturb your comfort in watching the video.

Especially when you’re cool to play music videos or watch video tutorials, ads on YouTube will usually suddenly appear and you can only skip it in a few seconds.

Although there are ads that you can skip by clicking on them, you have to wait for about 5 seconds to get past the ads.

Well, if you are an impatient person and think the ads that appear on youtube are annoying, then you can watch youtube without ads using this method.

This method is 100% free and without having to register to become a premium member first. Follow the following steps regarding watching youtube videos without ads.

Play Youtube Videos Without Ads

For those of you who want to try how to play YouTube videos without ads, you can see the information below.

Step 1: To be able to play youtube videos without ads you can’t watch them directly from the youtube application, but you have to use an application from the Play Store, namely Daily Tube.

Please open the Playstore and install the application on your smartphone.

How to Play Youtube Videos Without Ads 1

Step 2: After that open the Daily Tube application.

Step 3: Then please open any youtube video from the daily tube application without having to watch ads first.

How to Play Youtube Videos Without Ads 2

Done so that’s the free way to play youtube videos without ads, hopefully this tutorial is useful and good luck.

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