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i Music Player From Vivo

i Music Player From Vivo 1
You do not need to add song manually. The mobile phone will scan for songs on the storage device automatically when turned on and add them to “i Music”.

The music player will hide music files in amr, awb and midi (mid) formats. You can open them to play from File Manager. Please refer to Supported file formats for the audio file formats supported by this phone.

Play songs: Enter “i Music” on the home screen, tap “Songs” and select a song to play from the list of songs.
Use of earphones: You can listen to the music with earphones. During playback, press the [Volume buttons] on the side of the phone can be switched on/next song; short press to adjust the volume.
To operate a song: Hold and tap a song to operate.
Enter “i Music> Lists” interface from the desktop, you can tap “Frequently played” to play tracks quickly, you can also click on the “Add playlist” customize a playlist containing your favorite songs.
Frequently played: Songs played more than 3 times in the last 15 days.
Recently played: Songs played within the last day
Recently added: Songs added in the last two weeks.

The three lists above are recorded and generated by the system automatically and cannot be modified or deleted.
1. You can add song to custom playlists in the following ways:
Go to the playlist that you created, tap “Add song” and then select a folder. Select the songs that you want to add and tap “Add”. If you want to mark all songs in the list, select “All” at the left of the title bar.
Go to the “Songs” list, tap and hold a song and tap “More > Add to playlist” in the pop-up window.
Press “[Menu button] > Edit” in the “Songs” list, mark songs, singers and albums, then tap “Add to playlist”.
2. Edit playlist: Go into a custom playlist, press “+Manage songs”, mark one or more songs, then tap “Add to playlist/Remove”.
3. Delete playlist: Tap and hold a custom playlist, then tap “Delete” in the pop-up window.

Press [Menu button] to open the option menu, click “Scan” and you can scan all songs of the cell phone.
Scan settings: Press “[Menu button] > Settings > Scan settings” to go into the “Scan settings” interface. You can scan the folder or song.

Sleep mode
Press [Menu button] to open the options menu, tap “Sleep mode”, drag the slider in the middle to set how long the music will continue playing for, then tap “On”. When you enable “Sleep mode”, the mobile phone will stop playing music after the set time expires. You can also choose to stop music only or stop music and power off when the set time has expired.

Audio effect: you can set the audio effects in detail.
BBE (Available only when earphones are connected): BBE can solve the problem of earphones delaying high frequencies and losing high and low frequencies, restoring the warmth and details lost during digital compression. Harmonics are added to create a richer and clearer sound and reduce ear fatigue.
3D sound effects demonstration: Go into this interface to listen to various 3D sound effects.