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Salat Time 1.52 Java (Jar/JAD)

SalatTime computes and displays the Salat (prayer) times for muslims. It also generates months and years Salat time-tables.
Salat Time 1.52 Java (Jar/JAD) 1Salat Time 1.52 Java (Jar/JAD) 2


  • Compute and display prayer times for a chosen town
  • Configure and choose the town within these countries: Algeria, Belgium, France, Luxembourg (not verified), Morocco, Tunisia (not verified), Switzerland (not verified) and User Defined (Menu Config or User Def).
  • Display the direction of Mekka el moukarama (Menu Quibla)
  • Configure the events/alarms at the prayer times by adding events to the phone diary (Menu Events)
  • Compute prayer times for a past or future date (Menu Explore)

Download Salat Time for mobile phones
Salat Time 1.52