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Sound Mod MAXX AUDIO + 11 Preset EQs

Audiophiles will be happy to know that the team at MAXX AUDIO has recently released a Lollipop-compatible version of their popular sound quality mod. With a custom sound driver that allows for fine-tuned equalization on all audio output methods, Viper Audio is a treat for your phone and your ears.

Download the MAXX Audio Mod

To install, copy the ‘com.lewa.tuningmaster-1‘ to /system/app, change folders to RWX-RX-RX and apk to RW-R-R, then reboot the phone.
After reboot, an application called ‘Tuning Master’ will show up.
As what you can see here, the installation process doesn’t replace/modify any of your system files, which means it can be uninstalled by simply removing the folders and might live along with your others audio mod just fine.