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SPMarkJava JSR 184

SPMarkJava JSR 184 is the most comprehensive benchmark performance in running Java applications. Targeted for MIDP 2.0 and JSR 184 capable handheld devices, the benchmark’s workloads consist of 3D gaming, 2D gaming, video playback, image processing, Java Virtual Machine (JVM) testing, and battery testing. Additionally the benchmark displays detailed system information of the device and its Java implementation.
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  • MIDP 2.0 / JSR 184 Java benchmark application for handheld devices
  • Extensively researched workloads evaluate performance across a broad range of Java APIs and profiles
  • Source code licensing available under separate license
  • Version available for business users with full functionality and results publishing rights
  • Free consumer version available for personal testing
    Includes high and low detail 3D game tests, 2D game test, video playback, image processing, Java Virtual Machine (JVM) testing and battery life testing tool

  • Option to upload and compare results in Futuremark Online ResultBrowser (ORB).

System requirements
MIDP 2.0
JSR 184 enabled device for 3D tests
JSR 135 for Video Processing Test
CLDC 1.0 device required for 2D Game Test
CLDC 1.1 for floating point calculations in 3D tests and JVM tests
1MB Free space during run time for the full test suite
JAR size limit at least 800kB for the full test suite

SPMarkJava JSR 184