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  1. i downloadwd thyis program to my mobile phone. i have entered my yahoo id & passwoer, but it cannot connect to my yahoo account.

  2. I have downloaded Yamee v.1.1 onto my Samsung SGH-D900i and logged in using my Yahoo login details, but after login authentication it proceeds to show “loading contacts” for ages without any joy. As I had no contacts on my Yahoo mail site I went onto the Yahoo site this morning with my PC and added one name under “Contacts”. Still my cellphone authenticates login and the continues ad nauseum to show “loading contacts…” without even loading the one contact!

    Can you please help? I would be glad if you would SMS me on +27848903940.

  3. i have installed yamee into my phone(W800i).i can connet it to my yahoo account.but i can enjoy yamee for a second.then i cannot chat with my friend anymore.i d0nt kn0w what the pr0blem is.can y0u s0lve it.please

  4. i want to share yamee to my friends, how I can download full version and send yamee to them as document

  5. which one better compare to Nimbuzz??

  6. aloha. I downloaded this program and I can’t instal it! it’s not working. my phone model: htc

  7. buzz ! yamee is not working.
    iv installed to my 9300, its not working
    in surabaya language its called “aplikasi gak bener, cux “

  8. cannot login in my Siemens S65.

  9. im using MOTO MING A1200 which a touch screen mobile, and this thing doesnt support touch screen…wat shall i do…??

  10. I want a mobile phone to Nigeria

  11. i want to do yahoo chat from my phone

  12. i wanna yahoo messenger

  13. i wanaa yahoo messenger

  14. كيفك شو الأخبار

  15. i want this messenger for fast connection

  16. I have installed Yamee in N73 but after login it shows only authentication but never connect. Wht the problem is could u help me?

  17. vreau si eu un mesenger pt tel sony ericsson w380i va rog

  18. same here. I have installed it my phone but i cannot connect.

  19. Hi,i also have the same problem,when i login,it keeps authenticating without loading my contacts,please what is the problem?it was still working as at 4months ago.I use nokia 3120c

  20. download yahoo messenger

  21. hey i have used yamee for last one year previously it was working excellently bt now days i cannot connect to the server . it always shows the ‘authenticating’ template . i m so much upset because of this please do something

  22. I love yamee…bt am so upset since i didn use it 4 several months…when i open always ended up on aunthicating.

  23. How can i use yahoo messenger on my phone, the model is Nokia 6500 slide.
    Thanks for your help.

  24. I have installed to my nokia n70 but i cannot connect

  25. thank u

  26. how can i use yahoo messenger on my sony ericsson S312 ?


  28. i downloaded yamee bt cudnt instal in my sony ericsson s312 ph.. plz help me out…..

  29. seacing for yahoo messenger

  30. i ve checked ymtiny in my z710i…but it came on wid an error that is,i/o login timed out.i ve yamee but it does not connect.help me out?

  31. Hi,I have a question from u.I use a Nokia n73 phone,How can download yahoo messenger in my phone how can I use it easily?please get me info about it.thank u.