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How To Reset Samsung Galaxy E7 to Factory Settings

If your Samsung E7 is running slowly or you’re encountering bugs and crashes on a regular basis, an easy solution is to simply reset your phone to its defaults, removing all your apps, files and everything else that could be causing a problem.

Samsung Galaxy E7 has bee powered by a Snapdragon 410 MSM8916v2 SoC that handles the overall performance. It has a Quad-core processor that runs at a clock speed of up to 1.4 GHz. It also has 2GB RAM handling the overall function smoothly while the Adreno 306 GPU offers good graphical experience.

Samsung Galaxy E7 holds an elegant waterdrop Super Amoled display that provides spacious viewing experience. It stands 5.5-inch tall with no bezels on the sides. The display is provided with a screen resolution of 720 x 1280 pixels and a pixel density of 267 PPI.

A reset is suggested before gifting or selling a device, and in some cases for troubleshooting. You can either do a factory reset or a hard reset.

The first can be done simply by accessing the Samsung E7 settings. Sometimes that is not possible, though. If the phone isn’t working or for some reason you can’t access the settings, you can go ahead and perform a hard reset using the hardware buttons.

Factory reset Samsung E7

  1. Go to the Home screen and choose “Apps”.
  2. Choose ˊSettingsˋ.
  3. Go to the Backup & reset.
  4. Choose ˊRESET DEVICEˋ.
  5. Select the Erase everything option.
  6. All data and settings saved on the phone will be deleted.
  7. The Samsung E7 will automatically reset and reboot.

Reset Lock Screen Pin / Pattern / Password Samsung E7

If you forgot your Galaxy E7 lock screen pin, pattern, password, and fingerprint, but you have setting up Samsung account or Google account before, you can easily to bypass lock screen remotely by Find My Mobile / Device service on computer.

In order for Find My Device to help you reset your phone screen lock, your smartphone needs to be turned on, connected to a Google or Samsung Account and the internet.

Reset Lock Screen use Google Find My Device

  • Visit https://www.google.com/android/find and then log in with your Google email and password.
  • Select the Galaxy E7 from the top left hand corner of the menu.
  • Select the ˊErase Dataˋ option from the action menu.
  • Select “Erase Device” to confirm.
  • Enter your Google Account password to reset the phone.

Unlock Screen via Samsung Find My Mobile

  • Visit https://findmymobile.samsung.com and then log in with your Samsung Account ID and password.
  • Choose the Samsung Galaxy E7 from the menu on the left.
  • Select the “Erase Device” option from below the device information.
  • Select the ˊEraseˋ button on the popup.
  • Enter your Samsung Account password to confirm and send the task to your phone.

Hard reset Samsung E7

  1. Ensure that the Samsung Galaxy E7 is powered off.
  2. Press and hold the Home,Volume Up and Power buttons at the same time on your Samsung Galaxy E7.
  3. Release the Power button when the Phone vibrates. Continue to hold the Volume + Home buttons until the Android logo appears.
  4. In recovery use the Volume Up and Volume Down buttons in order to scroll up and down and the Power key to select.
  5. From recovery, after selecting wipe data factory reset on the hard reset process, choose wipe cache partition.
  6. Select reboot system now.

Before You Start

  • If you are unable to perform a reset, please charge for 10-20 minutes and try reset again.
  • After doing a factory reset, all your internal and external data will be deleted so it would be a good idea to backup all your important files.
  • Please make sure you have the Google account (@gmail email address and password) ready to log back into the phone once the reset has completed


Samsung Galaxy E7 comes with an affordable budget and brings amazing features among which storage is a major highlight. It also offers excellent performance with a healthy power supply. The good quality camera too adds up to its charm.

If you have any problems that aren’t mentioned here, or just need SAMSUNG help in general, please leave a comment below, and we’ll help you as best as we can.